Monday, 25 April 2011

What do art galleries need from apps?

I think it is very important that an educational art app gives the user a taste of what the art gallery is like. I think the app should encapsulate what the art gallery has to offer through its graphics, information provided, layout and purpose of the art app.

I am looking into options of creating an art app for The Usher Art Gallery in Lincoln. It is a small art gallery, not unlike The Tate. It does have a large education section that aims to give students an experimental experience of the art gallery. I want to give the students an experience through the app that they won't get in any classroom to inspire them, spark their imagination.

The Usher Art Gallery also offers an educational program called 'Investigate', which is designed to engage students in 'hands on' activity. I want to replicate this in a user interface design.

The education department holds work shops that cover many areas such as:

For example the Time detective section goes through what detectives do to find out what the art work is about. I could recreate this in an art app that the students could feel like they are just playing a game. In fact they will be learning without knowing it.

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