Monday, 25 April 2011

IOS UI Revisted

I have visited this website at the start of producing the artefacts. It is really helpful as it provides a lot of information about how to create an IOS app. I have gone through the basic structure of how to plan my app in order to see how my plans have developed a few artefacts on.

Potential features users might be interested in:
  • Creating artwork
  • earning points
  • Socialising through earning points (international/local scoreboards)
  • gaining art knowledge
  • throwing paint game
  • exploring different art games
What is most important to the users
  • They are artists
  • want to learn about art in a fun, game experience
3 characteristics that app buyers have
  • Love to experiment with art
  • gain knowledge of art
  • want to experience art in a new way
App definition statement (this is to be referred back to at any time to focus the app)
"An art knowledge tool for creative students that love the gaming experience"

The app should have classic characteristics of IOS apps.
  • IOS users are accustomed to the look and feel of IOS so the buttons have got to feel like they belong to that device.
  • Controls should look tappable
  • App structure should be easy and clear to navigate. IOS provides the navigation bar for drilling down through hierarchical content and tab bar for displaying different peer groups of content/functionality.
User feedback for IOS: should be subtle but clear (an animation for example).

The user expects to accomplish something in an app.

Design for touch- get familiar with UI elements and patterns of IOS. Examine menus, interaction initiated by hovering and links.

If the app is a game or provides an immersive story driven by experience people expect to enter a unique world filled with rich, beautiful graphics and innovative apps.

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