Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Game Theory Behind Apps

Game Theory: The Basics (
Game theory is the study of how people make decisions and how people will react during these processes. According to the Nash Equilibrium many of peoples actions can be predicted as it is assumed that they will go for the rational choice. Rational choice is defined by 'the action chosen by a decision maker is at least as good as every other available action'. (Jon Von Neumann). To me this suggests that one action my be preferred over another because it is seen as being benifical to them (e.g. they gain more points by choosing option 'A' over 'B').

Nash Equilibrium is when a player can do no better than one another no matter what the other person decides to do.

iPhone gaming has created a new trend of 'the disposable game'. For instance people like angry birds for its experience without making a commitment to it through its cheap price. It has also changed the way that game are distributed, bringing gaming further into the distribution digitally. Also gaming through the iPhone adds a more socially focused element to gaming through global scoreboards that keep people coming back for more to top the score boards. Apple have landed on a money making scheme through peoples need for social integration. gaming apps fill the market for those of us that will only go on social networking sites before feeling a bit 'stalkerish'. Gaming apps are a perfect opportunity to fill your time and still interact with other on a different level.

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