Sunday, 1 May 2011

Artefact 5

My aim for Artefact 5 was to create a User Interface for one of their exhibitions. However after looking at their newly designed website, with added information about their growing education section I decided to create an app that can be used for any one of their exhibits. I think that this approach is the best way to go as the app could be adapted to any exhibit that the museum may want to advertise, especially in this time of need (funds).

This is their new website The main page that changed the direction for my app is the Saturday workshops that they provide for 8-13 year olds. The children get to use different mediums varying from collage to paint and learn about the art work within the museum. I have created an art app that is based on their workshops on a Saturday, giving them the chance to get more involved with the gallery/ recreating artwork in both traditional and digital methods.

I have focused on how the navigation will work within the art/game app as it is a key part to how the audience will interact with the app.

The first interface is based on the art app artstart that was designed by a teacher as a way of inspiring children with different projects.

My version is basically the same concept but leads on to an art gaming challenge. I have slightly changed the navigation so that the audience can change the sub sections individually. I think changing them individually is a good idea as it will get the students to think about one medium and how it can be used in different ways to challenge their comfort zones.

Unlike art start the version I have created is designed to get the children to recreate the art work in different mediums so that they students can get more involved with the artwork therefore forming a connection with it and the museum. By recreating it they'll want to find out more about it.
Once the colour, medium and artwork has been chosen it will be summarized on a UI with the painting in full that they will then recreate on the next screen.
They have a set time to recreate the artwork. If they complete it in the set amount of time they win an art tool. All art tools won can be used at the end of the game (once they've completed all levels) to create their own artwork that has been inspired by the previous stages of the game.
The UI sums up what art tools they've won. If they choose to they can go onto the information section to learn more about the art work or move on to create they've own piece of art on a blank UI.

Once the levels have been completed the children will have the option to look at the knowledge section or...
Create their own artwork using the tools they've won from the game.

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