Monday, 25 April 2011

User Interface Design

I have been exploring the process of User Interface design (UI) and have come across a company that produces UI for a wide range of platforms (android, ipad, iphone, blackberry etc). The company Sourcebits are about creating beautiful, easy to understand UI design. They see the design as being very important because it is what will leave the user with a lasting opinion. They create apps for the web and mobile, making them very flexible.

Art whirled is one of their most successful art apps as it provided the audience with a simple, easy to use spinning canvas. It replicates how paint splatters in real life without the mess.
Screen shot of UI
Layout of UI (wire frames): each frame has a wire frame designed with functionality high on the list so it is easy to use
Inspiration for UI
Objects that the paintings created in the app can be transferred to.

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