Monday, 3 November 2008

Design objects taking over the world

Ever since I've known it in the world of technology there has always been the debate about whether a PC or MAC is better? To me this question has one answer- A MAC. It is easy to use, it's beautiful, it's every designers friend. To me a PC is a design that just functions well, it is what everyone is used to but a MAC functions well and looks stylish in the publics eye. A MAC is one of the the products that doesn't just produce beautiful graphics, it is beautiful in its own right. In my opinion the public want this to make themselves look better, to boost their egos. To show off to the guy next to them. The most important reason why I think people buy MACs is because they are unique. No other computer is white, no other computer has apple designers and engineers working on its progressing mechanisms. This grabs peoples attention and leaves them wanting to find out more. All apple products are linked so once people buy one apple product they want to find out about the rest.

Every one is willing to pay extra for a MAC (for example) because they are always striving to improve their designs. The type of technology you buy is also growing into a symbol of how much money you have, who you are in the world and your position in society. Technology is continually a way to show who you are in more ways than one. We build societies on the internet, creating new identities in the process so we want what we do that on to look good. In a way it becomes who you are so why not pay extra for its appealing forms?

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