Tuesday, 25 November 2008


The Meeting

B= boy
G= girl

There is a meeting between B and G a few weeks after they have had a one night stand. G's first impression has changed of the B's and she realises that she was too drunk and embarrassed. She regrets seeing him upon meeting him and wants leaves a.s.a.p. B wants to ask her out again but the Gs scared her flat mates will see. The girl is attractive and confident. The boy is goofy.

SD: CU of girls eye and pans out to MS of the boy just as he approaches.

Why the hell is he waving at me.... oh crap I remember.

B: You alright there, Hayleigh right?
G: Hi, yeah... how are you doing?
Fuck I cant remember his name did we???

B: I'm great did you have a good weekend? Cheesy/ sleazy grin
G: Yeah it was alright, I was a bit of a mess.

B: I think we both were. Small chuckle, grins to reveal ugly teeth.
G: Yeah. Flinches.
Oh god we did, I thought he was better looking.

B: Are you OK?
G: Yeah I just thought I was going to sneeze.
The teeth how did I miss them?!

B: Sneeze away don't stop on my account.
G: Don't worry I wont.
I hope no one looking

G: So urrr.... what are you doing around here?
B: I'm just going to work, I live just up here. points in the direction the girl was walking.
Shit he lives around here!

B: Where are you going?
Lie Lie!
G: Oh err just going to see a friend.
B: Really it's just I remember walking back form around here.
Lie again. 
G: Really it cant be I live quite far away from here.

B: OK I was a state in the morning. Cheesy grin 
That was close.

B: Sorry I left so early. 
G: Its no problem.
Its really not a problem at all

B: Yeah I had to go back early for my Mums birthday. We went to church.
G: Aww that's sweet.
Praise the Lord.

B: Thanks. I don't usually go but she likes me to go sometimes.
G. Ummm
Shit here it comes. Please don't ask... just don't.

B: Look do you want to go out for a drink sometime? 
G: Maybe, but I'm quite busy at the moment. How about I call you when I'm free?
Like in the VERY distant future.

B: Yeah that would be cool.
G: Cool, but I've got to go and I'm sure you've got to go to work.
Please go to work.

B: True, I'll see you around. 
G: Sure you will. See You
B: See you
Good job he didn't stay for breakfast

G exits and B stands there watching her go. End Shot 

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