Monday, 17 November 2008

One Shot Film Ideas

The Meeting
  1. WAR- Every one is fighting over a possession. The fighting gets worse as the people objects gets bigger and better. The people move around and they fall out of the shot as the next person wins with their better object. Shot with a green screen and the background moving around for added interest. Possible develop into a gangster theme with people wearing suits to symbolise status. 
  2. BATTLE OF THE SEXES CONFLICT- One night stand meet unexpectedly on the street. The film is about how people judge each other on first impressions and how they change e.g. the girls thoughts are aired of how she really feels about the situation but at the same time they are having a mundane conversation. He is thinking how attractive she is and how he regrets not calling her whilst she is thinking she made a quick exit and the thinks he is repulsive in a sober state. 
  3. LANGUAGE BARRIER- a film shot between two people trying to communicate. Bring in props to show what they mean. Miscommunication.

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