Thursday, 20 November 2008

I really enjoyed making these photos. I choose to use complimentary pairs of colours on the face to show how the face can be highlighted with colour.  I used the theme of contrast. I focused the eyes on both picture as it is a natural focus point in every day life. 

In the top photograph I was inspired by J R Randell who often focuses on distinctive, cheeky and provocative portraiture, which is one of my passions in the art world. He works for dazed and confused magazine dabbling in cinema as well. What drew me to his work was his vivid colours highlighting different ares of the face to emphasis different emotions e.g. he uses dark tones of purple against yellow to make the eye look confused or the cheek bones are highlighted to emphasis femininity. 

I chose blue, green and orange to reflect a sense of fun in beauty and to highlight one of the main features that we all take for granted everyday. In my second photo I wanted to focus on the facial features we use to express our everyday emotions that cause so much controversy. 

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