Thursday, 30 October 2008

Pixilation thoughts

After developing our first sequence of photographs I felt that they were a good start but it didn't give me a lot of options to develop it further as we had rushed through the narrative. It definately left we wanting to use more props to replace people and more movement in different directions. After exploring a few stop motions I liked the ideas that Norman McClaren used in Neighbours. some of my favourite movements were adding the people in as if from no where as an element of surprise. I thought this is versatile as I thinking about replacing people for objects and changing characters easily.  

So far one of the animations that impresses me the most is Pas De Deux Pt1 as it's very simple in black and white overlapping images. My favourite part about it is the dramatic music behind it. In my opinion it sets it off as the music gets heavier and more layered as he blurs each photo into another.

When it comes to my pixilation I want to experiment with colour to suggest a different mind frame or emotion (as the makers of the Matrix did-green and blue symbolises different worlds.)

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