Thursday, 6 November 2008

Ideas for the pixilation

  1. People changing into props e.g. shoes. Shoes unravelling. Trainer meets high heel (boy meets girl.

  2. Guitar turning into broom.

  3. Moving in the air.

  4. continuous snake so it changes perpective.

After shifting through these ideas I took over 400 shots to make the pixiation. I added diferent movements with the people and shoes as puppets to change the perpective.

Now that I finished this and altered the pictures on photoshop I worked with them on premier pro. At first I found this quite difficult as it is the first time I have used this but I got to grasps with it to make a title and edit the pixilation. I speeded some shots up to match the (body snatchers by radiohead.) i chose this song as it revealed teh confusion the creativity created for the musician. The jumpy beat also added to teh mood

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