Thursday, 6 November 2008

"A Day In The Life Of A Musician"

Moving onto the next stage of developing my piece I have decided to go with the idea of "A Day In The Life Of A Musician." I think this leaves me versatile in the number of probs I can use and in what way.
I want to start off with a close up of a guitar so the audience are left wondering what it might be but have a clue. This will get the audience interested. Also I want to experiement with colour, contrast in light and dark and movement within the piece.

Firstly, I started off with a close up of the guitar and gradually expanded the shot to include the finger tips moving to create the beat of the song. The only thing about trying to match it to a beat of a song is finding a song that matches the creative/ active mood of the song I want to create.
I thought a lot about how the colour will express the mood when we came across The matrix in one of our lectures. It got me thinking about how colour and how much light is in the shot can express the mood and narrative in the film. The matrix uses blue when it's in the matrix and green for when it is inside the matrix. I thought I can experiment in photoshop with different colour that people don't associate real life with to show he is in a creative, imaginative fun state of mind. Maybe...
Blue- cold drowsy thought
Green- natural thought process
Red- raw emotion
Pink-dreamy, happy/enjoyment (note I won't use all of these colours.)
In the end I went with contrasting light and dark tones of pink to express an upbeat, 'trippy' side to creating music. It reflects the creative part of the mind.

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