Monday, 17 November 2008

Planning Our One shot FIlm

The Meeting

Meeting between male and female. thoughts of the female on sound file.

  1. They meet unexpectedly on the street. 
  2. They walk into shot.
  3. They both are nervous walking towards eachother. Thinking about avoiding the meeting.
  4. They start normal chit-chat. "Hi. How are you... err wasn't expecting to see you here....umm..."
  5. Her thought will be voiced on screen while the normal chat in red (above) will be in subtitles. 
  6. She's thinking vain thought like. "OMG is he really that hairy," "What was I thinking," "I'm glad he didn't stay for breakfast."
  7. Meanwhile he is thinking the opposite. He doesn't regret a thing. He feels flatter he got a drunken chance with her. 
  8. Close-up when the thoughts get personal and zoom out on both of them. Finishes with close-up on her face.

So far we are all going to help direct the film so the all types of audience can relate and it isn't one minded. At the moment we have allocated a few other duties-
Guvy- camera
Gayr/ Matt- script
Sophie/ Alan- lighting

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