Wednesday, 19 November 2008


For our one shot film we have decided to go with natural daylight as we want our film to be as realistic as possible. Also we are filming it in the street so it is impractical (and slightly impossible) to set up the lighting. The daylight worked against us to start with because the light was too bright so it flattened Sophie's face (the actress.) This was due to the low height of the sun. 

We are also going to include a pan at the start of the film from the first shot when they first bump into each other.

Today we did a second take for the film so the actors could remember their lines therefore we can get the timing right for the subtitles/ voice other. For a comedy factor we are going to make the girl have an elegant air about her but spoken thought will have an annoying London accent. In contrast be are planning to make the guy quite goofy and cringe worthy so the male audience can relate to him. The natural light worked well today as there was an even amount of light and shadow we could work with.

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