Sunday, 30 January 2011

Artefact One Evaluation

I have observed 7 students interacting with the ipad/ipod using the application brushes to gain an understanding of how the art education system and the creation of art has been developed by new web interfaces. I have chosen to interview and observe 7 students at Ashfield School using the ipad/ipod to create a piece of artwork based on their current theme for their A Level.

Personally, I created this artefact to give me the opportunity to understand how emerging artists are using this new medium. Overall I think that it was a successful artefact because the students had a limited time to express themselves with an ipad therefore they acted impulsively. Through this impulsive artwork I got to see how the ipad could be used within the education system as a sketching tool. However the only disadvantage of the interview and observation process was the distraction of the camera as this generally made students nervous. I altered this slightly throughout the process so that they worked in groups, one student would be creating the artwork whilst the other was interviewed. I found that they felt more comfortable and their minds were taken off the camera so that I got their true opinions on the ipad as an artistic medium.

Throughout the process of this artefact I have been trying to achieve a sense of what place the ipad has within the art education system. To me this artefact revealed that students are looking for something that mimics everyday art processes, such as using a pencil etc. However they like games that new web interfaces offer them.

With my next artefact I will consider a broader range of students with an anonymity factor so they don’t feel under pressure. This could possibly give a more natural response.

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