Tuesday, 1 February 2011

You've guessed it..another mock-up

I think I'm almost there with the mock-up stage. I have created this from feedback from Wish upon a star and my tutor (David Downes). I have saved a bit of time by using the same illustration for the background as the illustration process is going to be a very time consuming process throughout the course of creating the website. I have taken down the opacity of the background to give it a watercolour effect (as the charity asked for). This will also let the content remain the focus of the design. Also to make the navigation clearer I have given it more spacing and underlined, in blue what page it is on so that the audience will find it easy to navigate. Also I think that the background unites the content with the charities purpose and doesn't look to formal because it is drawn in a fun, bright way. Another factor that makes it work is that it hasn't got a stark contrast between the content and background as the other mock up did with the white square highlighting the background of the content.

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