Monday, 17 January 2011

One more Mock-up...2 versions

With this mock-up I wanted to combine a structured layout with a creative, 'fun' look that will attract a broad audience. I made the background out of tissue paper as I want to experiment with re-creating a scrap book look that hold memories of the children's lives and want the charity represents. The background is going to tell a story of how Wish upon a star grants the wishes of terminally ill children. I have chosen to do the illustrations in a linear, childish manner so it doesn't over power the content and fits in with what the charity/ website is about.

The header is one of the most important things of the mock up as it would be a slide show of the different cases the charity has helped with therefore instantly informing the audience about what the charity does. The donate button is also in a prominent place to that it makes it quick and easy for people to donate.

I have one one mock-up with the centre in white to make the text stand out more. It makes it easier to read. I think I prefer the first one as the white content area gives it a multi layered effect.

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