Tuesday, 25 January 2011

More Mock-ups For Wish Upon A Star

I think as a whole this mock-up works as the banner with the logo and navigation stands out due to the contrast between the blue and white. It also replicates their logos colours therefore replicating the branding. I have experimented with different backgrounds and illustrations of people to give the charity more options to show what they are about. I have chosen to experiment with a wand as a donation button because it will allow people to connect what wish upon a star does. It is also a symbol that is associated with the charity through their many events.
This is another version but I don't like it because I think the background is too harsh against the illustrations. i was thinking about doing a collage of all the different activities that the children get to do through Wish upon a star.
In both of the mock-ups I have used illustrations that are purely hand drawn to see how they would look with the rest of the design. if the charity likes any of the illustration in particular I intend to emphasis them with digital illustration techniques.

Also I have used a different banner that will use bigger photos that the audience can flick through in a slide show manner or that will change with a set time. The is also a blue text box that will over lap the photos to tell the audience a bit about what the events are etc.

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