Thursday, 20 January 2011

First Client Meeting: Feed back!

The two mock-ups that Wish Upon a star like:

I had my first client meeting with Wish Upon A Star to get feedback and confirm a few requirements that they need for their website. I took in the 3 mock-ups that are featured in the previous post. The general response was positive. They liked the illustrations as they represent what their charity is about-uniting families to give their children their ultimate wish. Although they liked the illustrations they felt that the layout needed to be structured to find a balance between a plain, structured website that will attract corporate businesses and the general public that look for a 'fun' aspect to keep their attention. They liked the idea of the donation button being an animated hot air balloon. They want it to be animated with hot air underneath it is the mouse is moved over it.

Although Wish upon a star liked the layout of the first mock up (with the polaroids) they felt that it had been done before by other charities.

New goals that have arisen from the meeting
  • Create a website that corporate businesses will be attracted to.
  • Merge the illustrations with the layout from the 'pink' website.
  • Experiment with different donate buttons
  • Experiments with different types of background (faded, textured etc).
  • Research what corporate companies are attracted to
  • Do some more illustrations of the families looking at the children having fun. This will tell people that the charities focus is about the families enjoying watching their children enjoy their wish.
  • A way of highlight where you are on the website. Highlighted text when on a certain page?
What Else does wish upon a star want?
  • Latest events in banner
  • interactive map
  • glimpse of events on the homepage as an intro
Also during the meeting it was mentioned a lot that Wish upon a star's main competiton is Rays of sunshine. 'Wish' aspires to have a website that is like theirs. They like how it is linked to multiple social networks, the information is separated so that there isn;t an over load of information. They like the contrast in colour and the faded background. They also like the idea of an animated icon that gets people to donate. Also the navigation is clear as the user automatically knows where they are on the website as the navigation text is circled once clicked.

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