Thursday, 13 January 2011

First Mock-ups

This mock-up is based on a children's book style scene. I think using the illustrative skills will draw in both adults and children therefore appealing to a broad audience. I have used the original drawings to mess around with the layout and use them as an initial guide for the client can get an idea about the style the website could be completed in and the layout of the website. The hot air balloon is a very important part of the website that will allow people to donate quickly and easily. At the moment I prefer this mock-up as it attracts a broader audience and automatically tells the audience what wish upon a stars goals are. I think this website would make full use of my skills both technically and through design.

I have gone for a completely different style for this website as it is simple and clean cut. I wanted the photos to represent memories that have been created by wish upon a star. i would make the photos into an interactive show that would reveal different stories. I think this website need more work. Maybe change the colour/tone of the navigation bar.

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