Friday, 28 January 2011

Artefact One:ipad drawing experiment

Today I went to Ashfield school to observe and interview a range of ALevel students to gain an understanding of their perception of the ipad and how it affects their artwork. So it would benefit the students I got them to produce a drawing on the ipad/ipod based on their ALevel exam theme so it was fresh in their minds. The themes were shells, global warming and every day to extra-ordinary. As a comparison against the work produced on the ipad I took photos of their current artwork that is produced by traditional tools, such as pen, pencil, paint etc on paper. Generally the students spent 5Min's using the ipad/ipod to create artwork. Although this is a short amount of time to compare digital artwork against work created using traditional technique over a longer amount of time I feel that it is was a good idea to let the student use the tool for short bursts of time. This is to enable them to express themselves impulsively and to see how easy the ipad is to use.

I have filmed (well Steve filmed-thanks Steve!) the interviews so I could understand how easy the ipad was to use as well as how the students feel about it as a tool to express themselves. My biggest question is if they felt that it affects the formal elements therefore the quality of their drawings. Also if they had used apps before and if this affected their performance using the ipad as a creative tool.

To make the observe fair they all used brushes. Below is their work compared to traditional forms of their artwork.

Student 1:
  • Interested in 3d, ipad doesn't allow for that. She wants to experiment with angles.
  • Prefers drawing
  • Nervous about using ipad
  • Didn't feel like she could 'connect' with the ipad
  • Feels like she's missing out on being able to add tone.

Student 2:
  • Hard to get used to the navigation
  • With user experience easier to use
  • Too slow to create pencil marks etc
  • Not like photo shop
  • Likes mixing traditional techniques with digital
Student 3:
  • Student doesn't see the ipod/ipad as an art tool. See it as a platform to launch games (angry birds)
  • Easier to use because you don't have to clean up but prefers drawing
  • Miss details like shading that hard to create in brushes
  • Less messy, more convenient
Student 4:
  • Appearance created is too harsh
  • Different type of skill and look so would use it as a different platform for artwork
  • Good for jotting down ideas and sketches
Student 5:
  • Most confident at using the ipad as has touch screen computer at home
  • Feels its more responsive and works quicker than other touch screen devices
  • But it still slows you down, doesn't allow for higher standard of work
  • Would like to see it work more like a paint brush- if u push down harder it'll create a thicker line rather than heat sensitive
Student 6:
  • Never used ipad before.
  • Prefers traditional techniques
  • Trouble with functions on ipod
  • Would rather use a pen on the screen so it's more realistic to how she would normally draw
  • Don't like the ipad as student feels that she hasn't got enough control. Doesn't want to have to think too much whilst drawing, just want to express themselves
Student 7:
  • Hard to control. Needs to be less sensitive to functions and more sensitive to drawing
  • Needs to get used to the touch screen to draw
  • Doesn't use apps
  • Needs to be clearer to use

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