Saturday, 29 January 2011

Artefact One Continued...

After the filmed observation and interview I got each student to fill out a few brief questions. I had to alter them slightly as I had to change the artifact slightly due to deadlines that the teacher told me about that day. Instead of getting the students to do both a digital and hand drawn drawing I had to compare their digital drawing to a hand drawn piece of art work they had already created as they had limited time with their deadline.

I had to change a few of the questions on the spot but the students answered the following questions for me-
1) What was your first choice of tool?
ipad or ipod
2)Why did you choose this particular tool?
3) Have you used either one before?
4) If so, how often?
Once a week
Once a month
5) Did you find the medium easy to use?
Didn't make a difference whether it was traditional or digital
6) What was your favourite tool and why?

Here are the responses that I got from the students:
1) All students but 1 choose the ipad other the ipod.

2) Student 1-I choose the ipad because it's bigger so I thought it'd be easier to use
Student 2-There's more control with the ipad
Student 3- Ipad has a larger screen
Student 4- Because the ipad is more accurate, easier and quicker to use
student 5- Larger screen
Student 6- Larger screen
Student 7- Easy to use, quick

3) 2 out of 7 people had used the ipad before

4) 1 out of 7 had used it every day the rest had never used the ipad before.

5) 1 out of 7 found it easy to use. However one said he could find it easier with practice as he's used to using pen and paper.

6) (Favourite tool)

Student 1- ipad because it's larger and easy for fingers, more space
Student 2- I prefer to use 3d mediums as they provide an image that can be seen from different angles
Student 3- The traditional tools (pen, paper, pencil) because its easier and quicker to use and you can get used to using it quicker. There's only so much you can do on the digital so you can't really do as much as you'd want
Student 4- Traditional pen, paper and chalks. It's easier to shade and you know where the lines will be
Student 5- Traditional because tone and definition of an image is easier to express
Student 6- I prefer my normal way of working with chalk, pastels and pencil because it's easier to do fine detail and show soft textures.
Student 7- Didn't really have a favourite, feel a brush tool that is force sensitive would be better as it would mimic the real thing.

From doing these interviews and small questionnaire I feel I have gained an insight into how the next generation of artists function with traditional tools and new web interfaces. To me the most interesting thing is that they are all looking to create art work in the easiest way possible, to them this is photo shop on a laptop as it is two technologies that they are used to that allows them to define their artwork.

Also although it wasn't filmed I had a chat with a few of the GCSE students who told me that they prefer using digital tools. Out of a whole class only one student preferred using pen and paper. Also none them really used art apps on the ipad/iPhone but all of them love using the angry birds apps and other games on their phones. Maybe I could look at merging apps and games together to challenge the boundaries of art apps?

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