Thursday, 13 January 2011

More ideas-Wish upon a star

I have been thinking about what Wish upon a star is about. A mind map has helped provide me with an out to get my ideas flowing. I want to create a website that the audience can enjoy visually that also informs them of the charities goals whilst providing them with an easy way to donate.
The logo has got to be a part of the design, which means I have to create something that goes with a navy blue and sans-serif font. Below is a design that I have focused mainly on the navigation. I am thinking about doing navigation that lights up when selected to keep the audience interested. Also I have placed the a series of boxes in the header that would show the audience 3 simple steps of how to donate.
This wire-frame is all about building the content into a scene. I have chosen a night time scene with bright stars in the sky to represent hope therefore a wish for each child in need. Wish upon a star is also about bringing families together for a moment through all the hospital visits etc so I want to include some illustrations that represent families uniting together to share their child's last wish.
This idea is based on the idea of creating a children's scrap book of memories that all the family can share and something that everyone can relate to. It would have stickers, photos on etc

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