Thursday, 19 March 2009

Curiosity Box Experimentation

I was having trouble getting to grips with how I'd use layers to create my introduction. I want there to be 3/4 photographs of myself presented in flash and the audience has to choose the image different sections of the face (like the exquisite corpse.) A third year student (thanks to Simon) helped me to organise the frames with a bit of action script.

At first Simon suggested creating a sub menu to choose different heads but I felt that this would compromise my ideas as I just want the audience to click on the face and it will change.
For example you would choose the top of the head that you want, the eyes the neck. This would all be a symbol of how others change you identity, as a society we effect each other. Would we all be who we are today if it isn't for you family, your friends, or that person you bumped into in the street?
(original idea)

Click on the head

Then it be change to the next head. If you like that one you keep it and move onto the eyes and repeat the process so that you make my appearance resemble what you think my identity might be by first impressions. The image of my face on one level will symbolise what people think of me on first impressions, the next level will go into my pixilation, avatar, flash game etc

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