Tuesday, 3 March 2009

How objects say who you are....

This is a composition of how objects express who I am by bringing back memories, my flaws, who is important to me and what places I hold close to my heart. I choose a  family holiday photo (on holiday) when I was little but I have only used part of the photo. I chose to use the water as it was when my Grandad taught me how to swim. My flaws are represented by the broken shell necklace because it was an object I bought when I was travelling last year. To me that necklace reminds me about how I learnt about who I really am through experiencing life on my own 2 feet. The paint brush and paint are very important to be because they have been objects that I have enjoyed using to express my self ever since I can remember. I put in a life drawing to connect my passion to the community that we life in as that is part of my identity therefore life drawing is an observation of that identity. 

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