Monday, 9 March 2009

3D Max Experimentation

I found recreating the figure a lot easier this time but I have been working on making it a lot more detailed. I want the figure to look feminine and resemble my figure. My first go above looks rubbish. I thought it might be easier to extrude the area and then bevel it but it looked more like another shape slapped on top of it rather than natural curves. so I tried....

Altering the vertexes to make a breast but they didn't look much better. They just look like little lumps.

I ended up moving onto the shape of the bum. It looked a lot better but it was too curved and in your face. It doesn't look right because my avatar will be wearing a hoody that will cover some of that detail.

Plus there was little lumps that I am going to have to even out. I have made the thigh area slightly more curvy as well to make it feminine.

I am going to spend a lot of time making it look feminine because I think it is an important part of my individuality and it will look even more striking because the avatar will be wearing a black/ green hoody and jeans so that a lot of people can identity with the avatar. Also the plain clothes will make the eyes, hair etc stand out more to send people a subtle message.

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