Monday, 9 March 2009

Updating ideas

I was really inspired after jool's lecture last tuesday when he was talking about bringing different issues of society (the recession etc) into your essay. It got me thinking about what part I play in this and what ways I contibute to the recession in teh future. As a designer it will bring me challenges such as budget, energy etc. My main thouht was how we are all controlled by money and teh government. If our money lessens we start panicking. Most people in this world are judged by the items they own therefore how much money they have. This is where the avatar hand comes in to represent us loosing control, being grabbed by forces outside of our control. I thought the hand could grab my avatar as part of my animation? Maybe the teh avatar fighting back? 

My avatar. She may seem simple but I choose the simple hoody because so many people can associate themselves with it. Also it makes my facial features stand out therefore showing that the eyes, our view and understanding of the world is more important than what we own. And of course (on an aesthetic level) i put my favourite grey jeans into the design.

I have developed the idea of my travelling flash game. I want to make it into a pirates map where you pick up clues such as personal mind maps, photos, ethnic object etc to get an idea of my identity,

These are my final designs I am going to work with for my logo. At the moment the sunshine logo is my favourite not just because it is aesthetically pleasing but because I think the shape and text represent my personality. I choose curvy, flowing text because I see myself as a flowing person. I didn't mean for the background shape to look like a sun at first. It is just the shape i see myself as a continuous, flowing shape with the up and downs of the rays.

I also like this design but it isn't as aesthetically pleasing as I had hoped. I thought the person was a good idea as it would seem like i was introducing the name of my company...

I have asked some people which design they have prefered so far the sun and flowing text is the clear favourite.

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