Friday, 6 March 2009

Pirates of the Floatin' Internet

This is a simple question and answer treasure map. i found it a bit boring but it has some good basics that I think could be easily achievable in flash. I want to design a basic map such as this that will lead to different treasures along the way. It is a game based on cultural experiences and things that I have found out about myself whilst I was travelling around the world. You will follow a map and along it it will give you clues and choices that you will follow to the next country. The aim of the game is to pick up as many clues as possible to get the treasure and find out your identity and destiny...  I want to up the complexity of my game and add in animation and more diverse outcomes to where you end up in the game.
I liked the idea of getting a pirate name. It gave the game a sense of character and imagination. It is a form of your identity outside of the physical you. I think this really appeals to kids to get them wondering what their character will do next.

Unholy Island (Pirate Game)

This is a flash game where the aim of the game is to protect the treasure and make sure you reach it before the live pirates get it. (You are a cursed skeleton pirate.) This is both an action and strategy game. You reach this choice by choosing either a sword or a cannon of which the sword is more manual. 

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