Thursday, 12 March 2009

Lego Men- The dark night!

Evil Character (for my Pixilation)
Check out this amazing version of a trailer for the dark knight all done with Lego men. It's put a new light on my Lego man pixilation. So far in my pixilation I think it's gone off to a really good start but it needs more of a story. I think the answer to this is a more obvious villain. Before the villain was a bird flying in and taking them away to symbolising the loss of people throughout my life and how important family and friends are to me. However I think that villain should take a face and maybe it could look like a trailer to a 'film' rather than a short narrative. The narrative of my pixilation is that life is part of death. Although it seems like a distant part of my identity it has become a very important one to me in the last few years since loosing family to death. It has helped me become who I am today through remembering the influence that that person had on my life. I want to represent it in a film trailer style way because it is one of those things that you think will only happen in films never to you. Also I can dramatise certain aspects of it through the introductory text, fading/ merging scenes from day to night ect...

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