Friday, 11 February 2011

Artefact Two: IOS vs Android

For my second artefact I intend to test the most popular art apps on android and IOS to see how artists respond to the usability and functionality factors of each device. I am trying to find out out whether a group of young artists that have never used the apps before find it easy to use as a medium. Also I want to find out if using either android or IOS affects the display and creation of art work.

The Most popular Android drawing apps are: Doodledroid, Draw!, draw and share and paint joy. Most of the apps are advertised for the fact that they can be used on the go however paint joy is the only app that is advertised for its range of artistic tools (brushes, paint buckets etc).

The most popular IOS drawing apps are: Line art, sketchbook pro, art studio, artist touch, adobe ideas (popular with professional artists), paint-book.

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