Thursday, 24 February 2011

What do the audience want from User Interfaces?

The link above describes steps to creating a IOS app, of which I think can be transfered to android UI design as well. So far it has guided me in getting started with what the audience need/want from a UI. I have also been referring back to my previous artefacts for information that young artists need to create artwork through apps.

Tasks/ protential features that users might be interested in:
  • Creating line, tone, texture etc (formal elements)
  • Range of colours
  • Range of brushes
  • rubber
  • Different backgrounds that replicate different paper textures
  • Using layers
  • Importing photos as backgrounds
  • being able to sketch
  • simple interactions to create the artwork
  • create range of graphics
  • easy to find/use navigation
Who are the users?

Young artists in education between 18-21years

What features are they looking for?
  • Play game apps as they find them more enjoyable
  • Used to social networks
  • Used to traditional tools
  • Used to photoshop
Streamlined or thematic style?

Generally games have a thematic style and art apps are more streamlined so I think it would be more beneficial to have a streamlined interface because it won't distract the target audience from the purpose of the art app.

What do they want to accomplish? Serious or entertainment? Most art apps don't have an entertainment factor so the audience gets bored and frustrated quickly as they are trying to purely work with the functions of the app. I think young artists would benefit form an art app merged with game as they could learn different skills at each level therefore getting a sense of achievement.

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