Thursday, 17 February 2011

Artefact Two Evaluation

The aim of artefact two was to find out what applications on either the android or IOS system that artists are attracted to, to create artwork. I have chosen to observe a focus group of artists using drawing apps and completing a questionnaire to gain an understanding of what factors that they connect to whilst using the device in order to create artwork. As well as how they create the artwork I was focusing on each devices functionality and usability as components towards the application and devices successful.

A prominent factor throughout the course of the study was that artists choose the android phone first and that sketcher was the most popular app. This is was because the application was self explanatorily therefore the user assumed that it was easy to use. Also the artists that choose IOS applications first preferred the android art applications (just draw, sketcher) overall as they felt that they provided a wider range of tools. However I find this surprising that they find android tools easier to use due to their functionality systems, as they are both used to IOS.

Throughout artefact two it has become evident that artists are looking for tools that are quick and easy to use with out the ‘clearing up’ factor. Yet they want the detail of using traditional tools. Personally I think that the user interface and how the tools are presented are a major contributing factor to this because artists are initially drawn into the application because of its appearance and user interface. If tools weren’t clearly laid out they would disregard the application, moving onto the next one. Throughout both artefacts it is clear that people want the tool set to be less sensitive and the drawing board to be more sensitive to touch so that fine detail can be created.

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