Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Final Mock!!!

This morning I had a meeting with Wish upon a star to get opinions about what mock-up they want as their final website and the image above was their final choice! Their was response was very good. They felt that it represents their charity as through the illustrations the audience automatically know what the website is about. The sky also stick with the colours of their branding (dark blue and white). The balloon was one of the main features that everyone loved as they felt that it represents the giving of wishes. However I am going to experiment with the text and colour of the balloon to see what stands out. At the moment everyone at the charity prefers the stripes to the red balloon, although it may be a bit difficult to read.

My plan of action to move the project along is to:
  • Produce a site map of pages we know about so far including 'parent' and 'child' pages and assess the design requirements of those pages. We don't have to design every page but we have to make provision for certain page designs such as the event map(s) (which we didn't talk about) and layout for 'standard' pages.
  • Produce HTML / CSS for home page and alternative page(s)
  • install modx and link it to the database, upload your HTML, CSS and design elements.