Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Art apps vs game apps

As a result of my 1st artefact I discovered that Alevel art students don't see apps, such as brushes as a platform to create artwork. They spoke about gaming apps more passionately, even though a lot of the students I spoke to are considering art as a career pathway. I want to explore combining art and game in apps to lure students into using art apps as a creative platform. I think that if art was introduced in a game format then students would find it more natural as in their every day lives the play games such as angry birds. So far I haven't seen many apps that combine both art and game.

I began my research at and have only found one app that combines art and game. Trace is an app that allows the player to draw their own pathways through a range of obstacles to reach your goal at the end of each level.

I have also found many games in this genre that are based on path creating (see A variation of this idea would be to create a game that is based on path finding, however to get the points you would have to not only make a successful pathway but create a drawing.

Another app that explored game and art is Gartic. A drawing game that you you have to guess what the other player has drawn, based on a theme. Could be good to get the creative juices flowing?

Doodle jump is another popular gaming app that has a creative edge with its hand drawn character that you use to get through the levels. This has inspired me to maybe look into creating a game that allows you to draw you own character that can get you through a game? It would be something for everyone, addictive because you want to get through the levels quickly to earn the points and appealing to the more creative people because you can make the game your own through the characters. To develop this I though that certain shapes that make up the physics of the character would allow you to get through the game quicker therefore earn more points.

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