Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Focus group responses to art apps

What I want to find out-
  • If the IOS/android apps can be used to created art work successfully by artists.
  • If android or IOS functions better as an art tool
  • How does using android or IOS affect the creation and display of artwork.
  • Which platform work better in terms of functionality and usability
The results-
Artist one-
Choose IOS and the app artist touch first as felt more comfortable with apple products and was attracted to the user interface of the app. She trusts apple as a brand and uses a MAC to create her artwork normally. Didn't like the style of the instructions at teh start of suing the app, put her off using it as just wanted to draw. Quit using that app and used JUST DRAW to create artwork as it has a simple interface and easy to navigate.
Confused by the black background of the user interface, wanted something that replicates paper. Liked exploring the different brushes but doesn't think it compares to the traditional tools. Finds using fingers too chunky.

Artist two-
First choice was IOS app adobe ideas as he is used to abode creative suite so finds it a reliable choice. Doesn't find it a useful tool as finds it hard to use. Can't judge where the marker is so can't make accurate marks. Doesn't like the user interface as was expecting something to challenge teh adobe suite. UI easy to figure out but no diversity in the tool set (very basic). Took a while to work out zooming in, still didn't make it easy to create detail. Can't create exactly what you want.
First time using android phone. Thought the app (Sketcher) was easier to use than IOS but found it hard to navigate as there wasn't a menu. The markings where too small to tell where he was marking them on the page. Not easy to control as it makes marks for you. The overall outcome is so undefined that the observer will add in detail with their imagination to construct the object.

Artist three
Brushes appeals for its easy to use, arty looking interface. Unclear what certain function were e.g spacing. IOS has more gadgets so she experimented with more affects. Colour was hard to find, she thought you could only create artwork in black and white. Also hard to control enlargement function.
Liked the variety of brushes but couldn't find the rubber. Also found it easy to find the colour. She chose just draw for its simplicity of name. Also not used to touch screen technology so found it difficult to control the lines of the drawings. Found the app challenging to use so wanted to try again.

Artist four
Used just draw, again the artist chose it for its simplicity in name. Found the brushes hard to control as it was a very small line that was produced from his finger. Couldn't tell where the line was going to fall. Easier to use than android app.
Choose android first using the app Andrawing pro. Found the interface childish and the sound effect when you touched the screen off putting. Also didn't feel like he was in control of the drawing because the app would change the colour for you with each new mark made. Couldn't find rubber to add/remove any detail.

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