Friday, 5 February 2010

Web 2.0: Viget Inspire



Close-up example of Viget's work

My first reaction to this website is really positive. As everyone has guessed I do love my art and mixing it with digital technology. This website is a prime example of this but doesn't over do it so it becomes a 'busy' website. My favourite part of the website is that it is subtle in it's use of colour and texture.

So far I have found out that Viget are based in Durham, North Carolina. It is a very big agency that is hiding the name of their staff (maybe to come across as one, united unit?) Although their names are generally hidden due to high staff turn over a few names have popped up through blog posts about projects, such as Samantha Warren who has done a site redesign for Choice Hotels Scandinavia. Comparing her designs against the rest of the companies work they work well together. The design is very fresh, minimalistic with simple, complimentary colours. She seems to have been thinking not for her own development but thinking through the mind of what the consumer will want. She is designing for a Scandinavian company so she is looking at practical, Ikea-esque design that is practical.

It is clear that they work tightly as a unit. One of her team members (Jim Basio) has been researching into Nordic design, especially product design. I think this is a good sign. The company uses inspiration from other disciplines so the design doesn't become flat and purely web based.

Additionally I have learnt that their site is expression engine based, which means that flexible, feature-rich content management system is easier to update.

What elements could I bring into my own work?

  • Simplicity/ cleanness of design
  • Bold, fresh colours
  • Take inspiration for other disciplines out side of website design so it doesn't become stagnant
  • Research into what the client needs. Design it from their point of view and not go too crazy with my fine art to make it too personal.

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