Friday, 19 February 2010

Design Exercise 14: Social Network Integration

Two uses of Social Network integration (research twitter and rss scripts).

At the end of the day social networking, like most things in this world comes down to money and power. Many people have become 'addicted' to Facebook through the sense of power they get from spying on peoples lives but there is something else deeper to social network integration. The RSS subscriber chooses what they want to see, and what information they wish to receive. Knowing they have full control, and that they do not have to provide any personal information to subscribe, they will be more likely to opt-in therefore social networks can be used for advertising. Advertising can be used through pop-ups or in the form of rss. RSS can be a good for of information based advertising because people are subconsciously taking in the information as a form of news that businesses can select pieces of information to influence their audiences decision whether to buy a product etc.

Also as we all know twitter is a good form of networking with employers for many types of jobs but it is slowly being integrated into everyday use of all websites as widgets are being worked into the design to attract people. Bringing the widgets into the design builds up momentum as more and more people start to talk about your company, product or job etc...

Relevant Social Networks For My Photography Client


social network design said...

I am just getting into social networking and realizing its benefits of being able to access such a large audience.

Gayr Stares said...

Same here, I have found that it goes beyond facebook and website design and is about people communicating from all walk of life. Website design and social networking go hand in hand when it comes to accessing the masses and uniting everyone.