Friday, 12 February 2010

Design Exercise 13: Flash Banner

Scenerio: You work for a web design company that has been comisioned to develop a new campaign for a mobile phone.

The part of teh site that I need to create is a simple FLASH animation that links to a main product website and is to be deployed across a variety of websites.

It should include 6-8 different sections that include animation and interaction.

Research your phone and its current advertisement and build a new campaign banner.

Who will the audience be? By looking at the video advertisement I think the blackberry storm is aimed at men in their early twenties to thirties due to the emphasis on GPS, the PERFECT WI-FI and LOADS OF APPS (as the advert says in a deep, manly voice) with thunder and lighting in the website.
What Is the Message That Needs To Be Communicated? The phone is about the new technology being developed therefore teh advert suggests to be a 'man's man' you need this phone for strength. I could take this phone features from a different angle. It is about the touch screen technology (although it isn't as good as the iPhone).

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