Thursday, 11 February 2010

Daniel Brown:Fine Art And Digital Design

Daniel Brown: On Growth And Form

I first found out about Brown's work through Jools mentioning his exhibition in the Decode Digital Design.

Daniel Brown is initially a fine artist who uses the Internet as a platform for his inspired work about form and nature. The idea of his work is to use computer-game like technology but for more artistic and aesthetic purposes. Whereas games portray superficial fantasies his work aims to portray emotion, beauty and aesthetics. Another one of Browns goals is to take website design away from the 'brochure like feel' and go beyond the limitations of the technology.

What I think makes his work unique is the fact he takes his inspiration from non web based items such as: art, fashion, film, photography and nature therefore I think that this allows his work to expand. It is injected with life to make the website a more enjoyable, free flowing experience.

As well as using all of those inspirations he works on the basis that code is a forever changing tool that can be used to produce art that is constantly changing. In my opinion I think this outlook in career has allowed him to broaden his horizons and not be 'pigeon holed' as he looks to fashion and music based websites of a more commercial appeal to bring in the money. See This leaves us with the question is he an artist, interactive/website designer, engineer?

Also how does this relate to me? What do I want to become in the design world since fine art is such a passion? How am I going to be able to build a career and life out of a mixture of fine art, illustration and website design/coding?

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