Thursday, 18 February 2010

Sudden Inspiration

I am running a bit behind with my flash banner (although we haven't been set a deadline for it). So far I've found flash banner a bit dull and too annoyingly commercial. Do I want to be part of that annoying pop team?! Well anyway whilst looking for inspiration I came back to the studio-output website (that wouldn't load on Friday!) It looks really good I love the simplicity of the mouse over and the text below the title changes and the video is really vibrant and creative with a flowing energy.

The second screen shot above has made me think of interactive animations I could do for my banner as I keep changing my mind about what choice to go for. One of the USP's for the blackberry is it's GPS which fits in with the name storm so I could do a quick miniature adventure that suggests that the phone can get you through any situation.

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