Sunday, 7 February 2010

Redesign, Re-Imagine and Re-build

The ipad is hitting the world with mixed reviews. It could be the next big thing for web developers or it could be just a bigger iphone as the BBC are quick to point out. However at the end of the day didn't we all feel a bit sceptical about the iphone? It sold 700,000 in it's first weekend of unveiling.

The new ipad has a 9.7 inch LED blacklit IPs display designed for web browsing, watching movies, viewing photos and reading books. The ipad is new technology that could start a new revolution for web developers. In a years time we could be forgetting website design as we know it and designing applications instead.

Personally, as a fan of apple products I can't wait to see what the ipad turns into and what the competition have in store because lets face it, at the moment to me it's just a big ipod touch that you can watch movies on and enjoy the odd book and I just cant see it beating the macbook. Despite this I think the ipad had huge potential as it is a ready changing the relationship between consumer and provider as safari will be the only browser able to run on it. This could be good news for us website designers as there may be the possibility of not having to design for multiple browsers.

Also how am will it affect how we can earn money? At the moment the website is a gem for hacking, downloading at whim but the ipad is thinking of the creative industries future as application turns towards the iapp store, the itunes store and the ibook store. This idea of istores could be the start of a replication of print design, where we purchase and look at everything on our one device, interacting with it on a personal level.

At the moment I predict that the ipad is going to be a hit for apple fans and people looking for a more interactive personal experience than sitting at your desktop or placing your hefty laptop with not very much battery life on your lap.

The competition...

The iPhone

  • The has a 3-mega-pixel camera that has auto web cam for the ipad as yet
  • You have to pay extra for 3GS
  • Simple fact that it can fit in your pocket
  • Amazing HD
  • large flat screen
  • Good for advertising and targeting all areas
  • Can be interactive (sky TV etc)
  • Works well with other devices, such as PlayStation, xbox etc
  • However you can't interact with a TV as personally as an ipad as you can maneuver the page by tuning the ipad and use your fingers to navigate

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