Sunday, 21 February 2010

Flash Inspired Photography Websites

  • I like this site for its smooth use of flash from each section (the dark grey part of the page moves up and down)
  • I like the simple use of black white and grey
  • The white title works well to draw your attention to his name
  • The 'hand made' feel makes it feel personal
  • Also the polaroid shots make the photos look 'real', again emphasising the personal look.
  • Simple yet has a good impact with the flash introduction. Also lets teh viewr know what the website is about whilst offering tehn an interesting form of interaction
  • Simple, clean cut design with a bold edge.
  • My favourite part of the website is the typography for the logo

Social networking
Many photographers have a page on Facebook, or a Flickr or Twitter account.

Flash-based websites can be beautiful and effective, freeing the web designer from the limitations of HTML and CSS. The downside is that they’re expensive to create, can take time to download and aren’t good for SEO. Often used by pro photographers who will send their url to interested parties and need a spectacular showcase for their images.

HUGE photos
Photography websites are naturally dominated by images. A recent trend is to display large photos for maximum impact.

Sophisticated design
Photographers are visual artists and need the design of their websites to reflect this. Good design often works in the background by making websites quick to load, easy to navigate and search engine friendly.

Content over design
No matter how good the design, content is king. It may look pretty, but if it doesn’t inform and entertain, your visitors won’t return. Some of the most popular photography websites are nothing more than a free Blogger blog.

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