Friday, 19 February 2010

Arts and Organisation website

Some of Saira Macleod's photography.

My second brief entails designing and coding a 5page website, validated against WC3 standards with at least 3 interactive flash pages, widgets and banners of various sizes. I will need to include-
  • Diary/journal page in CSS/XHTML that will draw on a MYSQL database using php.
  • Server side scripting and database
  • CSS and XHTML will work as the frame work for interactivity
  • I need to consider the data that my application needs to store, key operations that the application must perform
  • The client must be able to update their journal
  • Display their art form
  • And finally the site should be a tool for gaining further fans, customers and visitors.
I have chosen Saira Macleod, a documentary (2ND year photographer at Nottingham Trent) to be the client for my website. She currently networks both in person and digitally but wants to take digital networking to the next level with a website that focuses purely on her photography with a minimalist edge to the overall design. She uses facebook, twitter and blogger to network and track her photographic journey. See

At the moment we are discussing design plans, aims for the site, accessiblity and interactity for her site so I will keep you all updated of it's progress.

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