Monday, 2 November 2009

Building, Structure, Environment

The Coffee Shop and Muse Photo Studios

I have decided to base my project on an individually run coffee shop in Lace Market. It is run by a graduate of photography from Nottingham Trent. The building's relaxed, friendly and positive atmosphere really attracted me to this building. It opened august 31st 2009 so has got a website but it is very basic and doesn't have any links etc so I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to gather web experience.

I have taken a mixture of photographs (see below.)

As you can see from above the exterior of the building doesn't really stand out but I started the photo shot working from the outside-in to gradually work down to the finer details of what makes this place unique.

Clean, relaxing design that reflects the goals of the business. The goal of the owner was to create a relaxing cafe full of warmth that many people will be attracted to. The simple design of the environment attracts a broad amount of people from students to businessmen.

When I took this photo I thought that it would show people a warm atmosphere.

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