Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Peapod foundation

I found the pea pod foundation website on whilst looking for inspiration on building, structure and environment. Although the main website is standard and a part form the good quality photography quite dull I thought it's advertising website was inspiring. It brought together the goals of the organisation to give children with underprivileged backgrounds access and opportunities to multimedia tools.

As you can see from above the website is highly interactive to give grab the children's attention. By interacting with the object that they are creating a flower it is showing them what they can become if they take the opportunities that the foundation is offering them, e.g. a symbol of a laptop represents technology they can use, a microphone shows that they can become musicians if they plant the 'seed' with the company they will become a flower of society. Also they can view other peoples work and become apart of a network so they don't feel alo
In terms of building, structure and environment the website others children the chance to build their own structure that will grow. The background pavement photo has a sense of the "streets" that they can relate to. It works well with the virtual 3d images of the flowers because it brings a sense of reality to the project.

As far as inspiration goes towards my own work it has made me realise that bringing in an interactive object will make the audience feel like they are making the website their own, they feel more involved.

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