Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Website design dos and don'ts

I have chosen a mixture of websites that have altered my ideas for my website wire frame and content.

Although I really like this cafe and think it supplies an alternative to brands such as Starbucks and Costa I personally think that this website is badly designed. The homepage loads up very slowly with an image that I don't think is directly related to the products available at the alley cafe bar. Also the menu bar is in the lower third of the page giving the audience more work. The menu links are also in a similar colour to the background so you aren't attracted to look into more detail about the cafe. If I have learned anything about website design from this website it is to highlight your menu bar and to use an image that is directly related to your product so that the audience doesn't have to search for what it is about.
This website is a drastic step up from the last. It is clean cut, simple and clearly about coffee and the upcoming festive season. This achieved through a bold central banner. Also the audience are kept entertained by the smoothly changing flash banner (the box on the left hand side) that sums up what Costa is about through a mixture of images.

This is my favourite coffee website so far. I like the idea of having a large image or textured surface to advertise the purpose of the website because people are automatically given an idea of what you are about. Also 'Meal Deal' catches your eye, which gets people thinking that they will save money by coming to Coffee Republic. One of my favourite parts of the homepage is that there is a flash animation at the end of the banner that gives you a direct link to how you can directly get involves with a creative competition.


Why Did I choose Muse The Coffee Shop?
As soon as I walked in there I felt a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. There was a mixture of people enjoying home made food and drinks at an individually run cafe. I think this is a good combination because it is somewhere where you can go with friends, to contemplate work or takeaway. i also like the fact that it is run by a practicing photographer who is passionate about many creative industries.

How can I improve this website?

Well to start with this is just a one page website that doesn't have any links if you are looking for any extra information. Additionally, the website hasn't been updated because it is going through a re branding. I like the image representing what the cafe is about but I think you need more navigation, more information (menu, opening times, history etc.) I like the idea of including a flash animation to draw in the audience.

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