Monday, 2 November 2009

The Coffee Shop Photoshoot

I borrowed my friends Nikon D-70 camera and with her help took some photos that reflect what the coffee shop offers, how it is unique what the environments for and who it attracts. The shoot was about establishing how I felt about the space therefore how I can successfully and uniquely convert it into a website. Below are a few of my favourite images that I think stand how what the coffee shop is about relaxed, friendly and creative.

Before I did this photo shot I wrote down a few things that I feel make up the place-
  • Homemade food
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Creative, friendly staff
  • Mixture of customers
  • Individualistic

I though this would be a suitable image to let people know opening times.

I like the expressions of the 'happy' flapjacks, it is one of their unique homemade products.

I could possibly use this as a link or it can attract people to a menu/price page.

I think this image works really well because the heart is the focus of the image whilst the background is blurred to suggest a atmosphere of care.

Tasty food will draw the customers in.

Specialty coffee will attract coffee connoisseurs.

An image of a person enjoying the coffee will make it more believable.

Umm tasty, colourful cupcakes to attract all ages

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