Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The internet as a wider field

.NET magazine- I have decided that I am going to start subscribing to this magazine. It had loads of useful articles about producing websites and what is going on in the wider industry.

The article that I found most relevant to how my pathway is developing is 'The Profiler'. It talks about how the best way to reveal content is through Facebook so famous interactive have taken Facebook to the next level by introducing turning a person Facebook picture into a 3d image. The profile picture acts as a cool 3d browsers where you can click on parts of the face to find out bits of info relating to that person. I think this can be developed over time to attract more people to otherwise dull websites, possibly as an educational tool, adverting etc. The only problem I foresee with this is that it will probably take a long time to load therefore people will get impatient. Also it will have to be developed more to consider usability.

The Internet regulator Icann as been approved to write Internet addresses in a non-italic font meaning that the Internet could be written in the other languages and be understood natively by the machines that connect computers together over the web. It is a break through for us globally because it now means that the computers "Internet" address can be used anywhere, in any language. Before it could only be accessed in Latin letters.

This means that there is going to be an explosion of people who can access and create websites etc in their own language.

How will this effect my pathway? Well with more people of different cultures, languages and origin there could be a wave of a new identity/ideas on the Internet.

For many years technology has been developed for the mainstream, to make money and to make the biggest impact but what some people don't realise is that we are impacting the disabled community through continuously developing software such as dragonforce (speech software), type and talk software and believe it or not the iPhone.

It some cases without that broad amount of technology people would not be able to talk. The iPhone 3.0 software has enabled people to copy and paste, voice dialing, voice control and camera edit and send. For some people this can be the difference between being able to use a phone and not.

How does this effect my pathway? because voice recognition is more accessible through note book, iPhone etc we, as website designers have to think about the format in which we present our work. Is it suitable for both a small phone, laptop or desktop computer? Will all ages be able to use this?

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