Wednesday, 25 November 2009

CoffeeShop Mock-ups

I have developed both of these mock ups to entice the audience. I have been careful to avoid colours such as green and blue as they are appetite suppresses. I have gone for brown/creamy tones in the first mock-up to remind the viewer of the rich, delicious products tat the coffee shop has to offer. I've put a big image in the background of chocolate to let the audience know what the website is about automatically. I think women will find this particularly enticing.

Also I have done an extended menu bar across the page so that it guides the viewers attention across the page. I am definitely going to change the font to make it warmer, and less generic,

Although I like this mock-up I think that it is a little too plain and all the information might be a bit too cramped into the left hand side. This could work out well for me though because it is proven that audiences tend to see images as links and people always look along the left hand side in a triangle shape )taking int eh logo and tittle) or in an 'F' shape (taking in the menu,logo and title).

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