Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Client Simulated Project

Brief: Produce a short multimedia piece that informs or illustrates about digital piracy....

My first idea was to create a website informing people about the consequences of digital piracy. One of the pages would include a simple question to test peoples knowledge of piracy. The questions would be presented with an illustration to get the information over quickly but depending on your final score it would come up with a different poster. The idea of the posters came from the anti drinking campaign so a person would be pictured with a slogan, such as "more video games than friends but you won't experience the real thing" or 'maybe you'll end up in her bed tonight" (next to a picture of a fake Angelina Jolie).

The only problem with this idea is that it left me wondering who the would be employing me to do this type of work and why? What is its purpose and who is it's target audience?

My second idea is to design an anti piracy website for Apple so I can focus on their advertising, marketing and branding. With apple it is always about the people as Apple represents innovation, imagination and a sense of community. By designing a website for Apple it give me a sense of what and why this product is being made. I want to be able to communicate to the audience how digital piracy effects brands that are part of their everyday life and how this effects products that we use. The website will include 4 pages including home, iexperience (about), what is itunes and contact.

On the iexperience page I plan to create 2 instances of what will happen if you choose itunes to download your music from or if you choose to download illegally. Both will be a flash animation.

I was inspired by flash animation of stick men interacting with with interfaces. I want to create a similar effect but with a more sophisticated character. Fir example if you click on the illegal download option something might blow up.

This will show the audience that if you download illegally there will be consequences. Also the 'fun', free movement of the stick men go well with apples creative brand as it won't take away from the content but it will illustrate anti piracy through guiding movements etc.

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